Sales Tax Policy

Sales tax is charged on shipments in most states that have a sales tax, unless you have tax exempt status or we have your resale certificate. If you have tax-exempt status, you must provide a valid tax exemption number evidencing your status at the time of purchase. Avlis-co Inc. will not refund tax amounts collected in the event a valid number is not provided. If you provide a number that is not accepted for any reason by any governmental or regulatory authority, and Avlis-co Inc. is required to pay tax on your purchase, you will reimburse Avlis-co Inc. for the amount of such tax, and Avlis-co Inc.'s reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the payment and collection of such tax. Fax your resale certificate and your customer number to 408-935-9515 or email it to, Attention: Avlis-co Sales Tax.